Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…

By the start of 1944 the Royal Air Force was faced with unacceptably high losses in Bomber Command. De Havilland’s answer to the problem was the DH98/II Deerfly, built by De Havilland Canada and powered by four Packard Merlin engines.

Using technology perfected in building the pre-war DH91 Albatross transport and using local Canadian timbers, the Deerfly was rushed into production. The aircraft carried a crew of two or three in an enlarged fuselage, and could carry the same bomb load as a Lancaster over the same radius of action, but 60 mph faster and at a higher altitude. The Deerfly needed no defensive armament, being fast, with an excellent rate of climb, and being very difficult to see with radar due to its wooden airframe.

(This image has been extensively modified from an original classic photo of a Mosquito bomber taken by the great Charles E Brown. I wish I had the chance to take a Mossie photo of my own, but alas! The breed is almost extinct in Australia. Ah, De Havilland!)


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