Blitzing Along.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the old Blitz. There’s something about its uncompromising approach to its job that impresses me. It was successful as a WW2 hauler and load carrier, and some are still used out in the bush for various jobs. This one (above) is one of the rarer Blitzes, a restored Ford gun tractor photographed at Mount Gambier in 2003. It could tow an ammunition trailer plus a 25 pounder field gun into action at low speed and high fuel consumption; but it was tough, reliable, and, by the standards of the day, efficient.

So I wondered, how could one update those classic good looks to give the Blitz a more modern, more aggressive look? This is what I came up with:-


About aquadraco

I'm a grey nomad who enjoys living on the same planet as Australian Eastern Water Dragons. And turtles.
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