The Raleigh UFO – (updated…)

Just let me say at the outset, that I’m not claiming this photo shows a flying saucer full of Little Green Men, Greys, or aliens heading to Nambucca Heads for pizza. It’s just an airborne object that I can’t identify.

So, to begin:- Between 1995 and 1998, the Pacific Highway was upgraded between Urunga and Raleigh, NSW. It was officially opened on September 20th 1998, and a local photographer came along to record the occasion. He took lots of photos of various dignitaries and backslappers, and of the twin bridges over the Bellinger River; and he also snapped a picture of something flying overhead. That photo was developed, printed, and stored away with all the others until I ran across it recently. The print from which the image below was taken shows some clouds, the tops of people’s hats, and this in centre frame:- I was intrigued, so I rescanned the image at 1200dpi, and cleaned it up with Neat Image:-

The image seemed to be of a dark, solid blob surrounded by an irregular “cloud”; so I used Paint Shop Pro to put contours around the colours:-

Then I played with the contrast to bring out the shape of the “blob” and removed any extraneous “noise”,

after which I reduced the blob to an outline and overlaid it on the original image.

So, what is it? The photographer died some years ago, so I can’t ask him. But he deliberately took the shot and then put it aside with the others – it wasn’t just a bug on the lens, for instance. I suppose there is always a slim chance that the old hillbilly from Close Encounters was right – “They come from around the moon; but we’re way ahead of ’em on the highway”. Maybe “they” had travelled from the depths of interstellar space just to admire our new road…

(Edited below, 10/07/2017)

OR… and this is only a wild guess… pure speculation on my part… there is a slim chance that it may actually be a free-fall parachutist who’s dropping in to the road opening ceremony. Sounds pretty wild, I know, but I have seen a photo of the “alien” with his parachute open. The truth is out there, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to find.


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I'm a grey nomad who enjoys living on the same planet as Australian Eastern Water Dragons. And turtles.
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