Why Aquadraco?

It’s surprisingly hard to find an interesting blog name that hasn’t already been taken. After a few false starts I decided to pick a name that related to one of my favourite local animals – the Australian Eastern Water Dragon.

The Water Dragon is a successful omnivore, and it grows to almost a metre in length. It’s a fast runner, and can climb trees or swim rivers with equal facility. And the babies are really cute. It also has that arrogant reptilian air about it which says “Ha – mammals! We were here before you, and we’ll be here long after you’ve gone.”

So I chose a Latin-ish name, aqua + draco, to honour my exothermic neighbours; because to my mind the scientific name, Physignathus leseueurii, just doesn’t have the right ring to it. And it’s a bugger to spell.


About aquadraco

I'm a grey nomad who enjoys living on the same planet as Australian Eastern Water Dragons. And turtles.
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