The Fisherman’s Tail

paulfriendA few years ago my mate Paul was out fishing, and managed to land one of these beauties. I won’t tell you where she was caught, because the locals get a bit sensitive about that sort of thing, but I can tell you he used the normal sort of bait – a box of salmon-flavoured chocolates. I believe a bottle of anchovy wine works just as well though.
As with any specimens of hominus piscatorius, the local ones are not compatible with humans. They are caught strictly for sport, on a “catch, kiss and release” basis.

When beach fishing, you need to cast out into deep water and wait for a gentle tug on the line. Then just reel in slowly until the catch is landed.
A word of warning – if you feel a sharp tug on the line, DO NOT reel it in. It is probably a male, and they are big, ugly, more fishlike and very aggressive! If you try to kiss one of them you’ll probably get your head bitten off.

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Earth Towers

Wheels are great. So are wings. But what if life evolved on a planet where the only way for large animals to get around was to jump from place to place? Maybe the sentient species would develop mass transport that worked the same way.
Just keep those seatbelts fastened…
This is a digitally updated version of a mixed media painting I did in 1979. Spray enamel, acrylic, pen, crayon, watercolour and paper collage.
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Back when I was painting my original Nyarlathotep image, I also drew an alternative version using pen, graphite and acrylic paint on paper. Thirty-odd years, one digital photo, and a few hours with Paint Shop Pro later, this is the result.
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This started as a simple photo of a replica Sopwith Pup, but I got a bit carried away with Paint Shop Pro and Irfanview. When that happens the only thing to do is save the original and keep going on the copy until you get an effect you like. I happen to like this.
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